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i started work again this week!  technically, i was back to work last week, but i was in training, and not at the client site.  i had a local office orientation this morning, where i learned where i could find my mail, how to order business cards, and (most importantly) where the flavia coffee machines are located.  i also found out that the LA office reimburses employees for all forms of transportation taken to work that do not involve driving in your car alone.  i.e. i will be fully reimbursed for my subway rides!  also, if i decided to walk to work, bike to work, or carpool to work, i would be paid for that.  crazy!  

i went to vegas this past weekend for stephanie’s bachelorette party – so fun, but sorry, no photos allowed!  i told parker when i came home that it was weird pulling in to our street because it felt like i was coming home.  relative to las vegas, rodney drive is much more familiar and, even though we’ve only been here two weeks, it’s my new homebase.  also, i met pete rose in vegas.  if you don’t know who he is, look him up.  one of the stranger occurrences of the weekend…


parker started classes today and likes them!  i’ll let him fill you in on the details, but it was so exciting to come home and each have new stories to tell each other.  

i’ll leave you with a video from our first dodgers game.  they were playing the brewers, and the game started and ended with a home run – a good sign for our time in california, don’t you think??  please excuse parker’s chewing…i caught him off guard.  also, just to further my “i love public transportation” bit, i’d like to tell everyone that we took the subway to union station, where we caught a FREE shuttle to the game!  no $15 parking for us!


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Blog Numero Tres

Hello from 1933 Rodney Drive, Apartment 201.

It is 7:50 p.m. and I am sitting on our couch, intermittently watching the Cowboys play the Texans and reading for my first PhD class on Monday.  In making the very large transition to living in Los Angeles, it has been easier than you might think for me to overlook the fact that I am starting a PhD program.  For most of the summer I was preoccupied with arranging the details of the move and trying to properly say goodbye to all the people that mean so much to us.  As weird as it sounds, I would often forget that I was moving out here to embark on a five-year plan to get a doctorate.  Well, this past Monday at my first orientation it hit me pretty hard that the PhD process was not going to be easy and that I would have my work cut out for me.

My fellow students all seem eminently qualified.  Among the seven of us in my first-year cohort are people with Master’s degrees from Georgetown, LSE, etc.  And then there’s me — a 24 year-old former legal assistant who has spent the past two years writing letters for attorneys and putting bates labels on discovery documents!  That isn’t to say that I don’t think I can do this — I know I can — but that making the transition from a consumer of knowledge to a producer of knowledge is going to be an arduous task.

My classes start Monday and I think I will be ready for them.  I am taking three courses, each of which requires us to meet only once a week, for two and a half hours at a time.  That is certainly different from my experience as an undergraduate; I think that the downtime between classes will prove to be a good thing.

So, anyway, I need to remember the advice that I received from a former professor:  graduate school will be five years of extremely hard work, but at the end of it I’ll get paid to write, discuss, and think about the issues that matter most to me.  Thinking about the opportunities I’ll have over the next five years really drives home to me how lucky I am to be in this position.

These past two weeks have been a time of pretty intense introspection for me.  I have found that being shaken loose from my comfortable life in Dallas has filled me with fear, excitement, sadness, and happiness.  Though every moment hasn’t been easy, I know that such a huge life change will be good for me.  And, besides, Dallas isn’t going anywhere.

On a lighter note, living in Los Angeles gets a little bit easier every day.  Eva has been great — she’s met tons of people through training at EY and is settling in so well.  She’s been filling my email inbox with all sorts of fun stuff for us to do out here.  Granted, there are no Lazer concerts for us to attend, but I think we’ll manage!  She’s currently at a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, so I’m holding down the fort here by myself.

Alright, that’s all for now.  Two more days until the start of a new academic adventure (to go on top of our twin adventures of living together for the first time and moving 1,500 miles away!).  Rough addition tells me that that’s like three adventures.  Whew.

Come visit whenever.  Our sleeper couch is guaranteed to be comfortable!



P.S. LA traffic = the real deal.  We live 5 miles from USC.  It took me 45 minutes to drive home yesterday during rush hour.  Woohoo!

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we’ve arrived!

we’re here, we’re here! like parker’s post said, after two (grueling) days, we arrived in los angeles to our cute little apartment on our palm tree-lined street. the palm trees make the “missing dallas” part much better 🙂

here is a video from the start of our travels…i will add some more when i upload them:

we are still settling into our neighborhood. there are a lot of restaurants/boutiques/coffee shops/grocery stores within walking distance, which has been super nice. we also have a movie theater and a giant park (think LA’s central park) within walking distance – love! oh yeah, and we have a neighborhood pinkberry. if you don’t know what pinkberry is, i suggest you google it. or you could google ‘heaven.’

the other – maybe ridiculous – thing i love about LA (so far) is the public transportation. yes, there is public transportation in LA, contrary to what the valet guy @ the standard hotel noted (sadly, he was a sooner grad…come one, our education is better than that). anyway, i’ve been obsessed with public transportation. i’ve decided to take it to work next week, and i made parker ride it with me to the beach yesterday. just like his post mentioned, it took us TWO HOURS to make it to the beach! ridiculous. i still love it. in fact, we just discovered a free trolley shuttle to dodgers stadium! we are going to the game tomorrow, so i’m sure there will be photos to follow.

ciao for now.

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Hello, family and friends!

Day five of our western adventure is about to come to a close. Eva and I have decided to put aside some pressing tasks in order to get this blog up and running. In no particular order, we are disregarding: 1) finding my car keys, which have been lost for approximately two days, 2) unpacking the rest of the boxes that will round out the contents of Eva’s closet (fun fact: she has more clothes than I do), and 3) watching Michael Phelps win his 23rd gold medal.

We have been a whirlwind of activity since departing Dallas on Saturday morning. The drive to LA was blissfully uneventful, except for right outside of Phoenix when I hit a bird that exploded onto our windshield and then caromed off our truck and into the helmeted head of a motorcyclist in the lane next to ours. Eva’s response was, “I thought I saw a dead bird falling from the sky!” Technically, she was right — though the bird was living until it began its suicidal nosedive into the windshield of the Penske truck. Thankfully, the motorcyclist swerved but did not fall and we all continued on our merry way through the desert.

Both of our moms came with us on the trip, which worked out really well. Jane (that would be Eva’s mom) and Lynn (mine) were total troopers about the whole thing and even hooked us up with some sweet goods for the apartment after we arrived in LA.

We spent the first night in Lac Cruces, NM and the second in San Bernardino, CA. Eva might contradict my feelings of the drive, but I think the second day was easier than the first. Conversely, she said that by the afternoon of the second day she was ready to throw herself out of her car before we even hit the California state line.

Since arriving in LA at around noon on Monday, we have been busy doing all sorts of things. We took a break from unpacking on Tuesday and explored the city with our moms. Our morning started by picking them up at their hotel in Hollywood and then driving through downtown LA (hi, EY building) and then USC (hi, the next five years of my life). We spent a lovely hour walking around the campus of USC. My mom and I managed to get ourselves locked out of the gym and I’m not even a member yet. Our afternoon continued with lunch at the Farmer’s Market, a Target run in Glendale, and dinner in Santa Monica. One note about dinner: it is August and we sat outside. In Texas we would have sweat our way through dinner. In Santa Monica we shivered through dinner and were thankful for the portable heaters set up next to our table. Hello, California.

Our moms left Wednesday morning and since then Eva and I have managed to go to the DMV, eat at In-N-Out Burger, take the subway downtown, and take a two hour (two hour!) train and bus ride to the beach. We left our apartment at 11 a.m. this morning … and three trains, a bus, and two hours later we were sitting in the sand in Redondo Beach. The train to the beach? Probably not the best idea.

Anyway, I think I can speak for both of us when we say that we miss all of you guys and hope that you will call, write, or catch a plane to LAX whenever you feel like it.  Anyway, Eva has some videos that she wants to post, so adios for now.


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