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la-la land

so parker keeps saying that he’s going to write a post that is v. multi-media.  think: podcasts and online polls.  as you can see, he hasn’t lived up to that yet. so i’m back, but maybe without a video this time.

we went to anaheim a few weekends ago to watch the rangers BEAT the angels and, afterwards, we took a tour of anaheim to see where my mom grew up!  the video is awesome, but too long, so if you want to see it, let me know and i will email it to you.  this is directed mainly to you, mom.  🙂

nothing terribly new to say, except that we have started venturing out on the west side a bit more.  it’s a lot cleaner in that part of town.  less crazies.  less graffitti.  more mercedes.  we had forgotten that la has a clean side.  🙂  that said, after seeing all the $1500+ purses carried by age 15- girls who drove range rovers, it was nice to return home to los feliz.  i love this neighborhood. 

some favorites include the totally legit italian restaurant down the street (palermo) that is run by tony, who gives you free pizza slices and coke while you wait.  skylight books is just a few doors down and always has great window displays for my morning walk to the subway.  and then there is the french cafe, figaro, where the beautiful european people always perch lightly while nibbling on toast and speaking foreign languages.  one time i saw a non-beautiful person eating there, and i knew it must be his first (and only) time on the patio.  and, to make it truly californian, we have a neighborhood pinkberry.  don’t know what that is?  look it up.  heaven.

i’ll take some photos this weekend of my daily walk so you guys can see.


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