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celeb sightings.

parker and i have lived here for almost two months, and we have not seen any celebrities.  then parker’s sister, elizabeth, comes to visit for the weekend, and we have seen two in one day!  granted, i would consider them both b-list, but still.  the first is cloris leachman from spanglish, mary tyler moore show, dancing with the stars, etc.  the second is patrick renna from the sandlot, son-in-law, might ducks, etc.  

also, i found out that leonardo dicaprio goes to my cleaners.  i think our tide is turning.

cloris leachmanpatrick renna


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Day 61(?) in Los Angeles

Hi everyone.

I have been remiss in fulfilling my portion of blog responsibilities.  I apologize.  As I told Eva, this happens every time I try to start a blog (there have only been two attempts, but still …).  I fall behind and then there’s a lot to write about and the task grows more and more daunting when I think about covering everything.  Eva’s solution was simple.  “So don’t cover everything,” she said.  She’s a smart one, that girl.

How about some highlights then?

First, after a month of intense traveling, Eva is finally back in Los Angeles for more than three consecutive days.  This makes me very happy as when she is here LA feels like home and when she’s not it doesn’t.  Simple as that.

We’ve been staying pretty busy.  I read all day long, moving from the library to the computer lab and back and forth so I don’t go insane.  My classes are going well — I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.  Not that my weekdays are totally consumed with school.  For example, last Friday my friend Nicolas and I took our bikes to Manhattan Beach and rode north along the water all the way to Venice.  It was great (and cloudy!) and it made me realize that incorporating biking into my routine here would be a very good thing.

Two weeks ago, Eva and I drove out to Santa Monica on a Saturday and watched the Sooners beat up on the hapless Horned Frogs of TCU.  We are planning on getting up bright and early this coming Saturday to go to the same place to watch OU-Texas game.  Once upon a time I would have called that the “Texas-OU” game, but when your girlfriend moves with you all the way to California and even goes so far as to buy a USC shirt, then you make some concessions.

Speaking of USC football, we went to the Oregon game.  Thanks to Allison, Eva’s benevolent and tree-planting coworker, we got two free tickets!  They were in the Oregon section, but we still had a great time.  Two thoughts: First, Oregon fans were really feisty … for about the first five minutes of the game.  Then, not a peep.  Second, it started to rain while we were at the game.  Two months of living in LA and it decides to rain for the first time while we’re stuck outside at a football game.  Awesome.

Anyway, Los Angeles is crazy.  Sometimes it drives me crazy and other times it’s endearing.  I’m finding that the longer we’re here, the more endearing some things are, such as random people asking you if want to buy a slice of pineapple in the parking lot of Home Depot on Sunset.  All in all, we could be doing a lot worse!

Also, I would like to inform all of you that Eva and I will be in Dallas around Christmas.  We want to see all of you.  Let’s make it happen.


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