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So I mentioned a few days ago that my buddy Nick and I were going on a hike.

Well, it was great.  I picked him up at his apartment by USC and we headed north on I-5 for 30 miles or so and then went northwest on CA-14 until we hit Palmdale.  From there we went west into the Antelope Valley and made it to Devils Punchbowl Park at around 8:30.



The end of the hike consisted of a rocky outcropping that required us to walk along a narrow ridge for about 30 yards.  On either side were almost sheer drop-offs of a couple hundred feet.  Personal highlight:  I threw an apple core off the ledge and it exploded into like twenty pieces when it hit the rocks below.  I am a five-year-old.


I have been told by my faithful co-author of this blog that I should invest in some khaki shorts that don’t have pleats.  She’s probably right.

Spring training in Arizona on Saturday.  It will be great.


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Spring Break (!)

My spring break is this week.

I thought that 2006 might have been the last year that I got to enjoy the over-indulgent “holiday” known as spring break, but now it looks like I’ll have a long, fruitful career of academic springs breaks that I can look forward to.  This, of course, is highly contingent on me finding a job after graduation, but, hey, that’s four and a half years from now — why worry?

Back to spring break, we have a few fun events lined up, none of which would be possible if we didn’t live in California.

First, my friend Nicolas and I are going on a little hike tomorrow.  The specific trail is called “Devil’s Punchbowl — Devil’s Chair,” which besides possessing a menacing name, is only an hour and 15 minutes from our apartment.  And it’s up in the mountains, so that will be nice.  We were looking into climbing an actual mountain, but according to the Forest Ranger the trails in the San Bernardino National Forest are not passable without snowshoes.  That’s another confusing fact about California.  It was like 80 degrees out today and only an hour away people wishing merely to walk require squash rackets attached to their boots.  I don’t really get it.

Second, we’re going to Rangers spring training in Surprise, Arizona this weekend.  I cannot wait to experience my first spring training.  Now that the Rangers have finally left that dump known as northern Florida, seeing Brandon McCarthy tear his rotator cuff up the Dodgers and Rockies in person has become a possibility.

Spring break = success.

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avocado dj

so parker and i were driving down avocado,  a really cute residential street where i would most definitely want to live if we were here indefinitely.  a few of the houses were having typical yard sales, with furniture and clothes strewn about the lawns.  one difference, which makes these yard sales truly LA: the dj.  mmmhmm.  someone had enlisted a dj for the yard sale.

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i keep getting phone calls from people (my mother included) asking if we are still alive. yes. though you would never know it judging by the lack of phone calls or the lack of blogging we have been doing. our last post was in october, for crying out loud! which is also the last time i worked less than 65 hours per week. this week i only worked 55 (!!) so i’m thinking we are about to enter a lovely spring!

i thought i would start my return to the blog world by writing a few funny events that have occurred that are so california. the kind of events where you just shake your head and think, “is this place for real?”

1) apparently january and february are the rainy months. rainy is really a relative term, especially if you are from oklahoma and are used to torrential downpours at the drop of a hat. the rain in california is completely weak, and usually lasts no more than a few hours. there is absolutely no thunder or lightning, just rain. the people in california are so unaccustomed to it, that all activity halts. the crazy drivers slow down, afraid that their cars aren’t water-proof (seriously) and people decide to “stay in” if at all possible. but my favorite event of the rain occurred when parker and i went to trader joe’s to pick up a few groceries one night. the store is tiny and the aisles are cramped, which was made even more cumbersome by the arrival of a typical LA woman and her…wait for it…BEACH UMBRELLA. the woman had used her giant, rainbow-colored, stick-in-the-sand beach umbrella for her rain umbrella, and was cranking it closed in the middle of the entrance. ridiculous.

2) short and to the point: i met donnie wahlberg from new kids on the block. you read that right, and eat your heart out, ladies. jimmy kimmel live is filmed next to one of my clients, and donnie’s vehicle was driving away when i reached my arm into his car and took a photo of him. it’s not illegal, it just paparazzi. parker and i also saw pat sajak at the dallas stars/LA kings hockey game last week.

3) i knew angelenos loved their cars and driving, but i did NOT know that they specifically did NOT like walking. but one morning last week, when i had done my green duty of taking the subway to work, i was called over by a cop at the intersection of 7th and fig, and he proceeded to give me a TICKET for…yes…crossing the street. was the light red, you ask? no. i made it across, with time to spare, but he claims i started after the red hand began to flash (true, although it was nanoseconds after). you would think the ticket would be a mild offense, perhaps $35 or $40. but we are in a recession, kids, and california is bankrupt. so yesterday, a ticket for $164 friggin dollars arrived in the mail, which brings parker’s and my total ticket fees in the seven months we have lived in LA to a grand total of $329. yep. we love LA.

and we love you. we’ll write more now. and we are still alive.

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