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i’m starting to become obsessed with twitter. follow me at twitter.com/evalou82.


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june gloom


summer in los angeles has arrived!  i must say, i had pretty high hopes for these summer days after all the talk that has occurred among fellow angelenos.  however, there is a summer phenomenon that occurs in the month of june and is woefully referred to as “june gloom.”  gloom it is, my friends.  the sun does not shine, the weather does not reach 75, and a humid drizzle is common.  i’m over it. 

we redid our patio a little over a month ago by adding some window boxes with petunias, marigolds, daeanthus (sp?), and verbanae.  only the petunias are left.  i’m blaming june gloom, but i think parker is blaming me.  we also added a hummingbird feeder, a candle chandelier, and some outdoor art courtesy of ms. farrell a few years back.  (see below for pic)


after my second busy season (yes, the 75-hour work weeks lasted through may), it became evident that i had gained a size in clothes.  ew.  i’ve started eating (slightly) better and taking walks through the neighborhood (natalie portman moved in less than a mile away, which could account for some of these walks).  i’ve also discovered that exercise tv is “on demand” so i can do multiple 10-minute workouts focusing on certain areas from the privacy of my own living room.  parker keeps wanting to join our neighborhood craze (i.e. yoga), but the three yoga studios within a block of our apartment are slightly overwhelming.  i’ll keep you posted.

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