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best commercial ever.


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weekend o’ fun

we have had a fantastic weekend.  i don’t even know where to begin.  oh yes i do: dodgers stadium.  parker and i had the extreme fortune of taking out one of my clients and his wife to the dodgers game.  the tickets i was given from ey were listed as “dugout seats.”  and dugout they were – we sat directly behind the on-deck circle (quite dangerous when andre ethier takes his practice swings).  a few items of note:

1. manny ramirez braided his dreds 

2. russell martin wore “mannywood” shoes 

3. we sat next to pat sajak

please see photos below.  

saturday we lazed around the house reading all day and watching old episodes of “friends.”  then i headed to book club at tanya’s house – it was a good one this month.  we read “good to great,” very applicable to us this time of year.  next month: “the great gatsby.”  we’ve all read it, we’ve all forgotten.

post-book club, i met parker, paul park, and some other coppell folk at the world of wheels on la brea and venice for…DISCO SK8.  in case you’ve ever wondered what happens to the thousands of american apparel knee socks sold every year…well, they’re at disco sk8.  as are women in sequin tops, men in the village people costumes, and one girl in nothing but a bikini and an indian headdress.  fun to the max!  

now we’re off to the pool @ christopher’s to have another lazy sunday!





pat sajak

pat sajak

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Wine Country.



Upon finding out that Eva and I were moving to Los Angeles, I immediately set two goals that I wanted us to achieve during our time in California.

  1. Star in an episode of the award-winning History Channel series, Gangland.
  2. Spend a long weekend in wine country.

Consider goal #2 accomplished.

Unless you decide to be a narcissist and date someone exactly like yourself, there will inevitably be differences between you and your significant other.  Eva and I differ in several ways — she’s a night owl and I’m worthless past 10 p.m.  She makes lists and crosses things off as she does them, while I wake up each day and just hope for the best.  She uses roughly 67 Kleenexes per day, I don’t.  Anyway, you get the idea.

She also plans things.  For example, when we decided to go to Washington, DC earlier this summer, Eva told me this, “I think that tomorrow night I need to figure out when I can sit down and plan our trip.”  For those of you following along, she takes the time to plan in order to to take time to plan.  I know, it’s very confusing.   Lots of planning going on with that girl.

That’s why it was pretty shocking when we decided to go to wine country in Santa Barbara County last Tuesday.  Wanting to go to wine country isn’t really shocking, but it was shocking that Eva agreed to go with only two days’ notice.

So, we went. It was glorious. The trip by the numbers:

  • (2) — The number of hours it takes to get to wine country (who knew?) and also the number of historic missions we visited. Also, the number of mini-horses that had been born on the morning of our visit to the Quicksilver Mini-Horse Ranch.
  • (1) — The number of missions I originally wanted to visit, though in hindsight the missions were one of best parts of the trip.   Also, the number of ostrich farms we saw.
  • (3) — The number of wineries we visited (Melville, Fess Parker, and Bridlewood).  Also, the number of spots featured in the movie Sideways that we visited (The Hitching Post restaurant, Windmill Days Inn, and Los Olivos Cafe).
  • (6) — The number of bottles of wine we consumed over three days.
  • (250,000) — The approximate number of flowers we saw in Lompoc, also known as the Flower Capital of the World.  Did you know that all of the sunflower bouquets given to gold medalists at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta were grown in Lompoc?  Me neither.

Anyway, the trip was amazing.  I’ve gotten to take some really great trips with the best travel partner in the world.  How lucky am I?

Pictures after the jump, so ready yourselves.


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