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In honor of Derek’s third visit to Los Angeles since we moved here in August ’08, I have decided to write an entry commemorating all the visitors we have had and some of my favorite memories from each visit.  Eva had the brilliant idea of buying a guest book for our apartment, but, alas, it’s only been in use for one visitor (thanks for the entry, Mr. Paliotta).  So let’s do this in date order …

1. Derek  — mid-September 2008

Highlight:  Derek’s first visit came only a month and a half after we moved here — Eva and I didn’t know where anything was.  As a consequence, I made Derek go to the La Brea Tar Pits Museum.  For three hours.  Three glorious hours.


Derek on top of Mt. Wilson. This area is now covered in ash.

2. My sister — October 2008

Highlight:  Eating brunch in Manhattan Beach and seeing dolphins.  The dolphin part sounds made up, but it wasn’t, I promise!  They are man’s best friend, at least if you are among the fortunate few that can live in MB.


Brunch in Manhattan Beach. Look at those pretty ladies.

3. Derek, Joe P., Mike and Rachel P. — Halloween 2008

Highlight:  Sitting in the middle of McCarthy Quad for USC tailgate.  I believe that pictures are on facebook — look and you shall see bright gold fashion accessories, thigh-high knee socks, crazy hair, gold lame, and a WHOLE BUNCH of drunk, entitled USC undergraduates.  Fight on!

Random girl from USC.

Random girl from USC.

4.  Eliott and Russ — December 2008

Highlight:  Watching Russ and Elliott’s faces move perilously close to one another while napping in the backseat of my car on the way home from Malibu Seafood.  They were six inches away from making out and yet looked quite peaceful.  Also, what is it about coming to Los Angeles that makes our guests sleep in the backseat of my car?  Only remedy I can think of:  more tar pits!


Creeping ever closer.

5.  My Dad — January 2009

Highlight:  Sitting through our first (and only, fingers crossed) earthquake during the college football national championship game.  My dad’s reaction upon being told that he just sat through an earthquake:  “Hmm.”

Pops at the end of a hike in Malibu.

Pops at the end of a hike in Malibu.

6.  Tara — April 2009

Highlight:  Basically setting Tara loose upon the innocent city of L.A.  That girl is a travel machine — all we did was give her like two maps and she was able to attend a movie premiere, Oscar de la Hoya’s retirement press conference, and a whole slew of other wild and crazy events.

Look how much fun Eva and I have when Tara visits?

Look how much fun Eva and I have when Tara visits.

7.  Kelly and Chris — May 2009

Highlight:  Swimming in the freezing ocean with Chris while Kelly and Eva basked in the warm sunlight.  Maybe shivering burns calories.  Oh yeah, and hearing about Kelly and Chris lucked into a Kimmel taping and then had to brave the wild world of LA public transportation back to their hotel without having a clue as to the layout of the city.  Good job, folks!


8.  Kate and Stephanie — May 2009

Highlight:  Eating some legit food, such as a Chinese place in Chinatown and Ketchup on the Sunset Strip.  Verdict on Ketchup after two visits:  pretty seminal LA atmosphere and also I am a horrible orderer when it comes to this restaurant, considering everybody always loves what they get except for me.  Also, half-price food on Sunday nights = bedlam.


9. Pam and Ralph (My aunt and uncle) — June 2009

Highlight:  Eating at Fred 62’s on Vermont and looking at the weird globe structures in the Rose Garden of the LA County Natural History Museum.  It’s safe to say that my uncle was puzzled by their purpose.  Also, the result of this visit was that Eva supplanted me as my relatives’ favorite Californian.  I should really keep her locked up.



10.  Ben and Tara — July 2009

Highlight:  Ben and Tara being troopers about staying for four nights in our sweltering hot apartment.  In case you guys are reading this, I’d just like to let you know that it turns out our AC was low on freon.  It now blows cold air with the best of them.  I apologize and we’ll make it up to you next time.  Other highlight:  eating breakfast at Alcove and then sitting in great (and free!) Dodgers seats.

Dodgers game.

Dodgers game.

11.  Jane and Tommy (Eva’s folks) — August 2009

Highlight:  Walking around our neighborhood and my particular favorite — brunch at Home restaurant on Hillhurst.  Also, thanks to Eva’s parents we are now the proud parents of basil, thyme, parsley, and succulents.  I am also proud to report that we are diligent waterers and that Eva makes a point to speak to the plants on a regular basis.  Thanks to her sweet nothings (and the California weather, no doubt) they are all growing like weeds.

Eva's dad like Home, too.

Eva's dad like Home, too.

12.  Chris P. — September 2009

Highlight:  Cocktails at the Edison.  Chris, Eva, and I swanked it up for Friday happy hour at the Edison, where we all indulged in some free grilled cheese sandwiches and I got to try out this crazy drip method of drinking absinthe.  Mmm, licorice!

Look at that handsome man.

Look at that handsome man.

12.  Derek’s Third Visit — September/October 2009 (aka it starts tonight)

Future highlight:  More tar pits.

*Not real woolly mammoth.

*Not real woolly mammoth.

Thanks to everyone who has come to visit us!  You’ve made being away from friends and family so much easier and you’re all welcome back any time.


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