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oh.  my.  goodness.  

where do i even begin?!  so tony was ready early, so we had to take him out and put him on the table to cool while i started the gravy.  next thing i knew, our six additional guests arrived all at once!  a few of our guests:


so while our fabulous guests mingled around the wine and cheese, kate, nic, and i frantically made the gravy, green beans, apples, and mashed potatoes!  amy made some fabulous stuffing, and sergey and maria brought some delicious red wine.  

my favorite memory of the holiday is the frantic hour spent once the guests arrived while we tried to quickly prepare the remaining food and all the while looking over and kate is bent over the stove thrusting her arm into a giant pot yelling “I’M MASHING, I’M MASHING!!”  meanwhile, nic is yelling about the apples, the gravy is splattering all over my cute dress, justing is snapping photos, the mashed potatoes are running over the pot and have started a mini-fire under the top-left burner under amy’s stuffing, while i try to assure our guests that “no, the smoke is totally normal, it will not affect the food, and don’t worry, i think our smoke alarm is broken anyway.”  oh yes, i think we comforted them right away.  

at some point we determined that the madness was at a low enough level for us to sit down and eat like civilized people.  from there, the afternoon was perfect.  the food, conversation, and friends were all fantastic, and i think everyone had a great time.  amy brought some chocolate-covered strawberries to add to our pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and fluff, but we were all so full that we didn’t even put a dent in the sweets. check out the spread:

in true thanksgiving tradition, we played a game of pit afterwards.  love!  i am truly thankful for the amazing friends who helped me today and for everyone who sent well-wishes from afar.  happy thanksgiving!  see photos below!



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change of plans!!!

so my cousin can’t come, and she was scheduled to bring the:

  1. casserole
  2. salad
  3. rolls

so we made trip #3 to the grocery store today to buy all of the above!  we will now be adding green beans (frozen, they were out of fresh, sad), salad, and two baguettes!  nic was against rolls due to his french nature, so baguettes we go.  

i would add photos but we are in panic mode preparing the extra three dishes!  HUGE THANKS to kate and nic who have been amazing today 🙂

also, TONY WAS READY 30 MINUTES EARLY!!!!  he is now cooling and we have no guests!  i hope they arrive before the carving begins!  cheers!

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it’s official!  the turkey has started roasting!  kate, nic, and i watched the wikihow video on how to roast a turkey (highly recommend).  we cleaned the guy (we’ve named him tony), took out the neck and bag of giblets (completely disgusting), sprayed with water, patted down, stuffed with oranges and rosemary, and placed in the roasting pan that was filled with more oranges, rosemary, and onions!  

we found a fantastic holiday drink consisting of cranberry juice, spiced rum, and cointreau, so we are currently sipping on that while watching the macy’s thanksgiving day parade (nic’s first time to watch!).  we just checked on tony and he is doing quite fine!  check out some photos!  

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we only have a pie.

we picked up nic this morning and now we have chairs!  perfect!  but then he mentioned that his apple dessert is actually not a dessert.  which means we have one pumpkin pie for ten people.  one.  for ten.  sh*t!  this is where nanny’s fluff recipe comes in!  we already have half of the ingredients (thanks, nanny!), so now kate is off to albertson’s for the remainder.  nic is peeling potatoes, i am starting the fluff, kate is on her way back…turkey gets cleaned in half an hour!!

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we have a pie.

day 5 at night, the day before thanksgiving!

we have a pie!  a pumpkin pie, to be exact.  nanny said we could save some time tomorrow by cooking it tonight and chilling overnight in the fridge.  real simple had a recipe for a maple pumpkin pie, so that is exactly what we made.  a couple of things i learned when making this pie, which is my first pie to make ever:

  1. you are not supposed to  remove the store-bought pie crust from the pie tin.  thanks, mom.
  2. pumpkin puree smells terrible.
  3. pumpkin pie smells amazing.

while the pie was cooking, i set up the table and even made some placecards (cute!).  see photos!  don’t be alarmed by the lack of chairs; we have four coming tomorrow!  kate and i also watched a video on how to make a turkey which was both informative and enjoyable.  we also learned about turkey safety from nanny’s email from the OU health department.  now i am even more convinced that someone will leave my house with food poisoning tomorrow. here’s to antibacterial cleansing!


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let the holidays begin!

thanksgiving is here!  when parker booked his flight to dallas, i decided i needed some friends to spend thanksgiving with me.  kate, a friend from dallas, decided to fly out for a week and help me celebrate!  i’ve somehow also managed to convince eight other people that eating an eva-prepared turkey is a good idea.  

this is my first thanksgiving dinner to host, so stay tuned for the blog throughout the days!  here’s a quick recap of what you’ve missed so far to get you  up to speed:

day 1: saturday before thanksgiving

thank goodness for nanny!  she casually brings up the fact that i need to start thawing my turkey on sunday at 1pm.  sunday!?  i wasn’t planning on buying one until wednesday!  parker and i picked up kate from the airport, drove to target where we purchased a folding banquet table (you don’t think my apartment fits ten people, do you?), and then drove to albertson’s, where i chose a lovely 16-pound young turkey just waiting to be mine.  he has gone straight to the fridge and is thawing away!

day 2: sunday before thanksgiving

i decided to plan a menu so my guests could plan accordingly, as they have so graciously agreed to make this a potluck thanksgiving.  🙂  here’s the list: orange-rosemary turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, casserole (what type is undetermined at this point), rolls, salad, pumpkin pie, nic’s famous apple dessert, and lots, lots of wine.  kim gillock said some mulling spices were on their way, so i purchased some cider, but turns out she was wrong.  cheers anyway! 

also, i decorated the fridge with recipes and thanksgiving pictures.  cute.  how domestic.

day 3: monday before thanksgiving

parker leaves.  it is now up to kate and me to pull this off ourselves.  scary.  thanks to emily and nic, who have agreed to arrive early to help out!

day 4: tuesday before thanksgivivng

kate and i went to trader joe’s to pick up the first round of thanksgiving groceries!  we also notice some sweet looking thanksgiving flowers, so may pick up a bundle for the big day…had to make call #1 to nanny: are russet potatoes the same as yukon gold?  answer: no. ok, must get those at albertson’s.  check, check.

day 5, morning: the day before thanksgiving!!! 

we headed to albertson’s for the remainder of the groceries.  had to make call #2 to nanny: is heavy whipping cream the same as heavy cream?  answer: not sure, who cares?, what’s the worst that can happen?  hmmm…maybe this will be the theme of the big day.

also, as it turns out, you need a roasting pan for a 16-pound turkey.  this makes sense.  was i going to put it on the oven rack by itself?  ha!  made a trip to target, only to determine they have NOTHING.  went shopping instead, bought some cute duds.  oh yeah, must keep thinking about thanksgiving…

made call #1 to mom: where do i buy a roasting pan?  answer: uh oh, i bought you one for your birthday, it’s on its way, but guess it didn’t get there.  whoops!  went to bed, bath, and beyond to get one just in case the bday gift didn’t show in time.  found a lovely one for $20 with a $10 mail-in rebate (do those work?).  also purchased twine and some carpet cleaner in case someone knocks over a glass of pinot noir on my lovely beige carpet. 

came home to find that the roasting pan from mom made it!  but it’s too small for the 16-pounder, so i guess it’s a good thing we got the other one.  i am now surrounded by a giant banquet table, two roasting pans, two tablecloths (from nanny), one table runner (from mom), four new serving bowls (from mom), bags from shopping, groceries galore (see photos), and a napping kate!  

we’re baking the pie tonight – stay tuned!!

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