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photo time

walt starts his brine.

walnut/cranberry dip, celery with peanut butter, and peppermint salt water taffy!



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it’s now 12:45, the gallette has baked, and the pumpkin pie is finishing up. ¬†our friends, erin and kyle, have stopped by for a spiked apple cider (huge success), and we’re watching the lions lose again. ¬†nic has come over – again with his folding chairs – and he had prepared the stuffing to cook in a few hours. ¬†parker found a new turkey recipe from the martha stewart book that nanny gave us last year. ¬†it calls for brining the turkey, which is new to us this year! ¬†parker took the turkey out of the brine at noon, and now it must sit for two hours before we put it in the oven – it looks great! ¬†kyle named the turkey walt this year (you will remember that kate and i made tony the turkey last year), and walt is looking juicy and full.

in thirty minutes we start preparing the turkey and making the stuffing Рall coming together!  dinner is at 5, but people are coming over early to watch the game and for general merriment.

happy thanksgiving – expect some photos soon!

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Hi, everyone,

Those of you who faithfully follow this sporadic little blog may remember that Eva not only cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast last year, but also live-blogged the entire process (I would link to those entries, but I’m not sure how). At any rate, I have stayed in Los Angeles this year and we will once again be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for some friends. Eva is currently in the shower and I’m about to make some coffee, but in a mere few hours we will be running around like turkeys with our heads cut off. Oh yeah, and we’ll blog about it, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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